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Celebration of the 70th anniversary of PEDRO FONTANA working with bronze. Friday 28, March 2003.

In the morning of the 28 of March of 1933, 'Pedrito' began working at 'Casa Plá' bronze foundry, at the age of 14. He never stopped handling the gilded alloy and continued working up to date at his 84...
An emotive and surprising celebration was thrown at exactly 70 years from that date. Many old friends, customers, sculptors and co-workers signed a big parchment with affection words, under a truly emotive night full of memories, stories...
Pedro is worthy all of this and much more, thanks to years and years of devotion to his work and also his honestly and friendly way of doing so.
Congratulations and happy birthday!

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Espacio de Artes y Oficios - Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
( Arts and Handworks Space - Buenos Aires city's Government)
3rd Edition - March 30, April 6, 13 and 20, 2003.

FUNDICION FONTANA participated in the 2nd (Sept. 2002) and 3rd edition of 'Espacio de Artes y Oficios' fair organized by the Buenos Aires City government. Located at the traditional 'San Telmo' neighborhood, this fair shows old and artistic activities related to the ancient history of the city. Luthiers, shoemakers, artistic ironworks, bronze foundrymen, glass designers, watch repairers, book binders... are some of the 74 stands at this exhibition of passionate and devoted art crafts and handmade works, most of them inherited from generations of workers, from other times... See the official site. (Spanish site)


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April 2003
1er Exposición Industrial, Comercial y Cultural del Partido de Tres de Febrero
(1st Industrial, Commercial and Cultural Fair of the 'Tres de Febrero' County, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

FUNDICION FONTANA has participated in 'EXPOTREF', the first fair in 'Tres de Febrero' county, one of the biggest counties near Buenos Aires City. For nine days, from the 4th to the13th of April, many people have the chance to see the art of bronze displayed in the stands. See the official site. (Spanish site)

There are programmed visits to the foundry's facilities. You can see the complete process, from casting to melting of metals. Contact us to schedule a tour.


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